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Czar Mail of California is an American Company
  • It's private; we don't read your mail.
  • No spam—no filters—no lost good mail.
  • No viruses—no trojans—no key loggers.
  • Only about 4¢ per workday.
  • Free trial—no credit card needed.
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With Amazon Simple Email Service, you can send transactional email, marketing messages, or ...

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Less than 0.1% of email messages received at Czar Mail's servers is from Amazon SES. But the question is, "Is it Spam?"

The answer is simple: if you didn't want it, it's spam. And we're not talking about official emails from Amazon to their clients; we're talking about emails sent with sender email addresses like "" Nobody put that into their friends list.

Amazon isn't alone in the business of delivering spam. The Google search for "marketing messages email service" returns 119 million results. We dare you to read all of those in one night.

At least you know you won't get malware in the spam Amazon and other reputable email marketing companies send out, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still unwanted email, or spam. And to be sure, there's no guaranteed way to know if your spam is from a legitimate email marketer, or a spammer sending malware!

The Online Privacy Blog ( claims that the average person gets 105 email messages per day as of their 2013 study. Czar Mail clients average 200 to 300 per day (which is why they came to Czar Mail). To control this flood of spam, recommends doing 5 things:

  1. Create a temporary email address offers a product to create temporary email addresses. Find it here.
  2. Encrypt a current email address
    We don't quite understand how encrypting your email will stop spam. It may bring you to the attention of the NSA, though.
  3. Use a secure email provider
    Again, we don't quite understand how encrypting your email will stop spam, and it may bring you to the attention of the NSA.
  4. Filter your spam (and keep your favorite inbox)
    No matter how good the filter is, it will have false positives (good email will be tagged as spam and lost), and false negatives (spam will be passed through to your inbox).
  5. Unsubscribe—we know it’s tedious
    Many spammers use your Unsubscribe request to validate your email address. We recommend that you never try to unsubscribe to spam, unless you know for a fact the sender is a legitimate company you have authorized to contact you.

So, what's the best way to stop spam?

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Czar Mail stops spam, and never loses good emails.
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