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Czar Mail of California is an American Company
  • It's private; we don't read your mail.
  • No spam—no filters—no lost good mail.
  • No viruses—no trojans—no key loggers.
  • Only about 4¢ per workday.
  • Free trial—no credit card needed.
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How Czar Mail™ Works

Czar Mail is an industry compatible email system with a twist. It eliminates spam completely without losing any good emails.

It does this by requiring that all emails either be from another Czar Mail client, a person trusted by Czar Mail, or from a "friend", a person trusted by you. All Czar Mail clients need to show ID (a bankcard), so all Czar Mail clients are trusted. Since you only receive email from trusted sources, spam is eliminated; and at the same time, since we don't filter out "suspicious" emails, you never lose good email. The idea is simple, but effective. We call this "Membership Email," and it works much like a membership buying club such as Costco or Sam's Club.

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Email from spammers is simply refused at the Czar Mail server, and never reaches your inbox. This is especially good for business because if you own a business and you have employees that use company email, with 3 billion spams a day being sent out, it's only a question of time until an employee accidentally "clicks through" to a spammer's site. You can get your computer network tapped, your computers corrupted, and confidential data stolen. Condé-Nash almost lost $7,870,530, except that the criminal wasn't one of the brighter bulbs on the tree, and got caught. Even then, they still lost around $52,000.

How to Sign Up for an Individual Czar Mail Account

Welcome to Czar Mail! Signing up for an account is easy. Let's follow Bob as he signs up for Czar Mail.

Sign Up for an Account

One 2839aa8bb77745756707c2c47edca79db9861b1ba88e8149829580ee0fcd816aBob enters his name, username, password and and alternate email in the signup box on the front page. He makes sure that the alternate email address works because we may send him advisory emails there.

Note: If you're not yet a Czar Mail client, use a working email address. If you're already a Czar Mail client, you may use an established Czar Mail mailbox for the alternate email address. Bob uses his existing GMail account. And make sure it's a strong password! You don't want someone breaking into your email account!

Bob clicks the Sign Up button. This takes him to the My Home Page.

Signup window bobjones 5df6d8087c9089170c56e18c9f16d64b2aa4e9a9cd89f05293f78b0853707113

Two c1d034915f6e7d4725259ea32ca6d136d01195772839abe9b28858c44b93ee1cHis account is now created and he's logged on automatically.

In the future, Bob just enters his username and password into the corresponding boxes at the top of the page, then clicks the Logon button.

Logon area bobjones 5ec631a0f8f49d1c726250441bd3f45b88dbf13adfa56c58a5545793f2bd113a or, to logout Logout area bobjones bacd46cc6a719abd01f276246c5dcc214b85ee94425bc00f98073b240b4ab6f3

Add a Credit Card

Q. Add a credit card? Why? I thought you said the trial was free. A. We require a credit card to identify you. It's like presenting your passport when you return to the US after a trip abroad. Spammers won't do this, so spammers can't sign up for a mailbox. That's why we know you won't receive spam!

Three d244df0d3ed5e8e2de5e4f2b345e1d1afd6738924aae06f0bcd5054c09901b9cFrom the My Home Page, Bob clicks on the Card button. He enters his name, address, and card information.

He clicks Save on PayPal, and his card is saved on PayPal for use with his Czar Mail account, and he'll be sent to the Listing Cards page where he can see his card referenced. He clicks on Back to return to his My Home Page.

Note: The card information you supply will be verified by PayPal. Please be patient as this requires a minute or so to complete.

--> New credit card bobjones 9c9fd61a479d510410d4d0476392193c8561dc97e8cfe46a360b021595baf729

Add a Mailbox

Four abcd1bce2409909f438c71a24da38d0dc10c3da8489d5b2670ecb821addc740cFrom his My Home Page, Bob clicks on the Mailboxes button. He enters the name he wants for his mailbox, and chooses a domain from the dropdown box. He enters a strong password, then he enters it again in the Confirm Password box.


  • There are two passwords: (1) the password you use to logon to the Czar Mail website, and (2) the password(s) you use to access your mailbox(es). The mailbox password we're talking about here is the one used for your mail client, i.e., Squirrel Mail and your devices. You can make the website logon and the mailbox logon passwords the same, or you can make them different for more security. Don't forget though, if someone steals you Czar Mail website logon, the thief can change your mailbox passwords and deny you access to your account. Please use strong passwords and keep them safe!
  • You can use Czar Mail to host your own domain name. Email to arrange for a domain hosting account.
  • Your first mailbox is activated for 14 days. To activate addtional mailboxes after you create them, use the Resubscribe button on the mailboxes page.
  • Don't forget. Czar Mail provides webmail, but if you want to use your mailbox on one or more of your devices, you'll need to set that up separately. You can find instructions at the bottom of this page.

Bob clicks Save Mailbox. His mailbox is saved, and he's sent to the Home page.

--> New mailbox bobjones b3a3372e23eea4e256cbeac3290668eb44e62fb8c870571d42d9aad1e7c02ef3

Open Your NewMailbox

Five 363177ec9eedb72d7d72d44a561364c469a82df70e88c2b46bbeb7eb51ef920dBob clicks on the Webmail button, then he clicks on his new mailbox name, and he's taken to the SquirrelMail page. He has to re-enter his password (because SquirrelMail has it's own logon validation), then he's taken to his Inbox page.

--> Webmail bobjones 16657444d96f536aab8189b5b519b32c71194ba6fb127de5cf91010269fbe423 --> Squirrelmail bobjones 31cd7ea438a8b2c6cd38814122e535b18ad47de7fbb2ecd32fabfa0af343ff53

Six 7d2ce092eea07ef766a4a89376fa100bc5ef9684f85f37d64c89306db6495629How to Set Up Your Devices to Use Your New Mailboxes

How to set up your mail client on an Android phone
How to set up your mail client on an iPhone