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Czar Mail of California is an American Company
  • It's private; we don't read your mail.
  • No spam—no filters—no lost good mail.
  • No viruses—no trojans—no key loggers.
  • Only about 4¢ per workday.
  • Free trial—no credit card needed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Czar Mail?

Czar Mail is a commercial email server like GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AIM, or AOL. The difference is, Czar Mail separates the good email from the bad email accurately. No good email is rejected, and no spam is accepted. If you think it's spam, we'll pay you for it! That's how strong our guarantee is.

Who decides if an email qualifies as spam?

You do. If you consider it spam, you look in your messages log, select the message, and click Spam. Your account will be credited for the email immediately.

I don't get that many spams. What would the benefit of Czar Mail be for me?

It only takes one well crafted spam to get to your inbox, and your company could lose thousands or millions of dollars if you or an employee were to click on it. Czar Mail makes sure those emails never reach your inbox, but also keeps a log in case you want to see what was rejected.

Can I use Czar Mail for my personal email?

Yes. Czar Mail blocks spammers from installing malware by rejecting their spam, and that's good for you personally. Millions of dollars have been stolen from individuals who thought they were dealing with their financial institutions because the email looked very official; and let's not forget to mention the millions stolen from individuals who have fallen for those "Nigerian" scams.

How much does it cost?

About 4ยข a day. That translates to a average worker working just 9 seconds. It takes longer than that to clean out just a few spams, so forgetting about the important benefit of protecting against malware for a moment, Czar Mail can be justified strictly on a savings in employee time. A whole year's subscription to Czar Mail costs the same as two frappachinos and a sandwich at Starbucks.

I don't want to change my domain name. Can I use my own?

Yes, but you have to switch the email for your entire domain over to Czar Mail servers. It's easy to do: we help you get set up, then you change your MX record to point to Czar Mail servers. If all goes smoothly, people should hardly notice the change, except that the spam will disappear. Just sign up for a free trial mailbox, and email a request to .

Why do you think Czar Mail's filters are better than the ones we have now?

Filters, no matter how good they are, have both false positives (some good email gets lost) and false negatives (some bad email gets through to your inbox). Czar Mail doesn't use filters, so there are no false positives or false negatives. Spam is blocked, and all good email is passed through.

How do you know if it's spam?

Czar Mail works by accepting only two kinds of messages: (1) messages from other Czar Mail members (we trust them), and (2) messages from your "friends" (you trust them). All other email is considered spam and not accepted for delivery.

Can't I just do that with my filters?

Probably not, and besides, even f you could, your filters don't reject the bad email, they just divert it to another folder, then you have to search that folder for false positives (good email that was wrongly tagged as spam). In the end, (1) you still receive the spam, and (2) you're still forced to look through it, plus (3) you still have to clean out false negatives (spam not tagged) from your inbox. All filters do is pre-sort your mail into multiple folders, but they don't cut down the amount of work you have to do, nor do they adequately protect against malware because it's still in the spam. Filters are better than nothing, but just barely so.

Can Czar Mail protect me from malware?

Czar Mail assures you that if you receive mail from another Czar Mail member, that person has provided us with ID, i.e., we know who s(he) is. Spammers will not identify themselves because their activities are criminal, and they will not risk revealing themselves to potential victims. If you don't receive the spam, you can't be infected by the spam.

What if someone I've entered into my friends list sends me malware?

We have no contol over what people who you say you trust send you. The solution is to be careful who you put in your friends list.

What if one of my suppliers email address is spoofed?

There are two possibilities here: (1) your supplier is a member of Czar Mail; or (2) you put your supplier's email address into your friends list. If (1) your supplier is a member of Czar Mail, only s(he) can send you email with that email address because Czar Mail members must sign in with a password, and therefore their addresses can't be spoofed. If (2) your supplier is not a member of Czar Mail, and you've put him into your friends list, and if someone were to know this information, they could spoof the address and appear to be your supplier because Czar Mail can't validate the sender given today's email rules. The solution is to have your business partners contact you through their own Czar Mail accounts.

Can you do greylisting for me?

No. Czar Mail doesn't greylist because we feel the benefits don't outweigh the problems.

Will I still get emails from "legitimate" email marketers, like Amazon SES?

Only if you choose to by putting * into your friends list.

Can I keep my old email account, like GMail or HotMail?

Yes. Czar Mail is independent of any other email you may have.

But can I use Czar Mail to "clean up" my other email accounts?

You can forward your other account to your Czar Mail account, but what will happen is, all the email rejected by Czar Mail will remain in your other email account. On occasion, you'll have to go clean out the other email's inbox.

Can I use WebMail with Czar Mail?

Yes. We provide you with Squirrel Mail for that purpose. Log into your Czar Mail account, and click the Webmail button. Then click the mailbox and you'll be taken to SquirrelMail for Czar Mail. Remember to save it in your bookmarks!

Can I also have my Czar Mail go to my smart phone or computer?

Yes. Just be sure you use IMAP rather than POP3. Some clients use all three methods together so they can pick up their Czar Mail under any circumstances. From Czar Mail's front page, click the Help button, and the instructions are at the bottom of the help page.